Letter: Thetford Washouts, Round 2

To the Editor:

During the flash flooding in Thetford, our road washed out again, and it was worse than when Tropical Storm Irene came through. The culverts they have on the roads are way too small to handle these types of rains. Town officials have been told what it would take to fix the road so it won’t wash out again and again. The solution is to spend more money to get bigger culverts.

What do they think they are spending every year to repair the roads? In the long run, it would be a lot cheaper to put in the bigger culverts just once. Stop and think about it: Yes, the initial cost will be high, but they will be there for years. The alternative is to bring in multiple loads of dirt, gravel and equipment every year. Which costs the town more in the long run?

With this latest flash flooding, they are putting more work into actually fixing the roads, while at the same time taking away so much of people’s property and then leaving a huge mess behind. They say our road, Colby Road, is open to two-way traffic again. If so, how come everyone who lives up there still pulls over to allow the vehicle coming in the other direction get by? Because, we are still nervous about driving over the soft spots where the road had washed out.

And to top everything off, after three neighbors got together with their own equipment to try to stop the water from ruining neighbors’ land and to save the road from washing out more, I suggested to a Selectboard member who came to check things out that these boys deserved some type of small compensation. The reaction I got was they may deserve a little respect, “but that is all.” Are you kidding me?

I’ve heard a rumor that these men are going to be fined for using their equipment on a town road. Can you believe that? They saved those roads from worse damage than if we waited for the town to come.

Sharon Littlefield

Thetford Center