Letter: Dealing With Climate Change

To the Editor:

Given that the reality of our climate problem has become, sadly, more convincing to many of us, I’d like to pass on some points from an article in your July 11 newspaper for those readers who may have missed the story. At last, a deputy assistant secretary of energy for climate change policy and technology has been appointed this year — Jonathan Pershing. He previously served for several years as special envoy and was a climate adviser to the State Department. He oversaw a recent report that states that our system of protections is not “robust” and it will cost billions to do construction that will help prevent climate depredations, but will later cost trillions if we don’t. This obviously means major changes in our priorities.

As many us know, Bill McKibben of 350.org and Middlebury College has written a very informative and resourceful book titled Eaarth — the intentional misspelling to help us realize that we are now dealing with a different Earth than we have ever known.

Susanne Dubroff