Letter: Sharing a Love for Books

To the Editor:

I would like to acknowledge the hard work by the Children’s Literacy Foundation for a much-needed program that was hosted by Fiske Free Library on Monday, July 8. During this event, Duncan McDougall, the foundation’s founder and the person responsible for this event, spoke to a crowd of 80 or more children about the importance of being able to read and the love of books. Various types of books were discussed, and the children were asked to identify their favorite type.

McDougall then told a Native American story about a hungry bear who wanted some fish to eat out of a lake and a very clever fox that tried to outwit him. The bear lost his tail, of course, but the fox was dealt a hard lesson as well. During the telling of the story, I saw McDougall’s enthusiasm and love for books and reading. I saw him as a caring teacher who loves to guide kids into the world of books and stories. I feel that he believes very much in what he does.

I also observed the entire audience’s quiet, attentive and respectful manner for the story and for McDougall. After the storytelling, each child who attended the event — they ranged in age from newborn to 14 — was allowed to choose two new books from the selection that had been brought to us.

All children were able to take the books home to keep. I would like to thank McDougall as well as the Hanover Rotary Club, which was the underwriter of this program, for their generosity in making it happen. Without the Children’s Literacy Foundation and very generous people and organizations such as the Hanover Rotary Club, much-needed programs such as this would not be possible.

Thank you very much, once again.

Brenda Tripodes

Children’s Librarian, Fiske Free Library