Letter: We’re Interested in Safety

To the Editor:

In response to Alan Tanenbaum’s July 10 letter, “The Real Aim of Gun Control”: Those of us who are working for stricter gun control laws are not interested in repealing the Second Amendment or in destroying the Constitution or in taking guns away from responsible people. Gun control advocates are interested in safety.

As an educator for the last 45 years, I do not like to think about schools being mandated to have a loaded gun on the premises. (An unloaded gun would, of course, be of no use.) What a distraction for the administrators and the teachers to have to be “at the ready.” Some of the students in one of the targeted first-grade classrooms in Sandy Hook managed to escape. When questioned as to how this was possible, one 7-year-old said, “The shooter started to play with his gun.” The shooter was reloading. Had he had a larger magazine, he would not have needed to stop and insert another clip ... and many more than 26 adults and children would have died.

When the Second Amendment was framed in the late 1700s, a musket was the weapon of choice. The intent was to arm a state-organized militia against the possibility of tyranny of the government. Today, people are arming themselves with weapons of war (automatic weapons, etc.) and using them in schools, movie theaters, shopping malls and on playgrounds. These weapons ought to be available only to the military and to law enforcement. I am certain that Tanenbaum understands the difference.

Carol B. Fuchs



Letter: The Real Aim of Gun Control

Monday, July 8, 2013

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