Letter: Snowden Obeyed His Conscience

To the Editor:

We have a war on breast cancer, a war on HIV, a war on poverty, a war on terrorism and wars ad infinitum. A visitor from outer space might conclude that we are a warlike nation made up of dangerous warriors. It seems that we have a collective combative psyche. With all these wars, an organization called the National Security Agency has come into being. And it is serving as the guard of the ark of our national secrets.

So who appointed the NSA to withhold information from us? Our Congress, whose members we hold in low esteem and do not trust? The president, who is losing support by the hour?

Me? I know only that I did not. So when an honest American citizen sees things that his conscience tells him are wrong and should be known to us all, releases this information, why the foofaraw? Edward Snowden acted in good conscience and I hope to good effect.

I think is was great that he released the information. The politicians want to keep their positions. Remember, “the rewards of office are sweet indeed.” Snowden has shaken them up. So they have made him an outlaw. For all their talk of national security, I believe the security they are talking about is their own positions. I do not believe there has been any effect from his disclosures other than embarrassment of our politicians of being caught with their flies open. Our security is not threatened by his disclosures, but by their response. Note the response of the Bolivians and other South American countries to the knee-jerk reaction of our politicians.

All I can say to Snowden is, “Good for you, and I hope you remain safe and secure.” If there is going to be a quiet revolution by the youth of this country, may this old man say, “Go for it.”

If that quiet revolution occurs and Snowden becomes its hero and leader, I hope he doesn’t let the power corrupt him.

Herbert A. Knapp