Letter: One Obstacle to Health Care

To the Editor:

Some medical procedures these days are performed on an outpatient basis. On occasion, it requires the patient to arrange to bring someone to escort them home. However, some of us don’t have someone reliable to come along, which means not having the procedure. I’ve tried explaining things, but my words have fallen on deaf ears. It is our way or the highway — not exactly in those words, but it’s implied. Surely, with a little effort, changes could be made to help us out.

Jeff Smith

White River Junction


Letter: Transportation Aid for Patients

Monday, July 15, 2013

To the Editor: Transportation should not be an impediment to having a necessary medical procedure — a challenge identified by Jeff Smith in his July 7 letter, “One Obstacle to Health Care.” Patients over 60 should: ∎ Ask the hospital or provider for assistance with transportation; most hospitals in the area have people who will help make arrangements. ∎ Ask your local …