Letter: Speaking of Expensive Vacations

To the Editor:

Jeff Lehmann commented in the June 22 Forum about President Obama’s “expensive vacation” to Africa at an estimated cost of $60 million to $100 million.

Is he aware that the estimate comes from the last presidential vacation to Africa — the one taken by George W. Bush? By the way, that was his second vacation to Africa. Laura Bush herself took five vacations in Africa. She took family with her, too! And they went on a safari! Perhaps Lehmann can explain what was particularly vital to our interests during those seven-plus trips.

With two wars raging in the Middle East, our economy rolling into the gutter and the Katrina mess to be dealt with while those trips were under way, where was Lehman’s outrage then?

By the way, those vacations were at taxpayers expense, too.

William Garner



Letter: Obama’s Expensive Vacation

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To the Editor: While the White House (the people’s house) is closed to American taxpayers in order to save money, President Obama is taking his family and friends to Africa at those same taxpayers’ expense. The estimated cost is $60 million to $100 million dollars, all to visit Senegal, Tanzania, and South Africa — none of which seems particularly vital …