Letter: Taking Away Our Precious Rights

To the Editor:

I object to the National Security Agency tracking my communications. The Fourth Amendment protects our right be secure in our personal effects and papers. Would the Valley News dare to point out the striking similarities between what is happening in America with the Obama administration and the techniques and propaganda methods used by Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels during the Nazi takeover of Germany?

Tyrant Obama comes from the left. First, we have to destroy the Democratic-Republican system and then rebuild a socialist society from the ashes. The message was clear: Take from the rich and redistribute it to the poor. They forgot that nothing is for free; you have to work for a living. During the run-up to World War II, many Germans believed they had nothing to worry about. “I am doing nothing wrong,” Germans said, allowing the National Socialists to take power. You hear the same kind of talk about the NSA tracking communications.

Today, many personal papers are electronic. Once sent from a computer or cellphone, every message belongs to Big Brother/Our Leader/Der Fuhrer/Our Protector. Get ready for the next step: “Papiere, bitte! Hier sind Sie; ich habe unmöglich zu verbergen!” Papers, please. Here you are; I have nothing to hide.

The enabling statutes of Nazi Germany adopted through the 1930s sound just like the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act and others. These congressional acts with lofty titles are subverting our freedoms. The cumulative effect was and is to steal your precious rights from under your very nose.

The big joke when they hauled you away was that the one right you had remaining was the right to die.

The Bill of Rights is our safeguard of our liberties. Any congressional act that conflicts with the provisions of the Constitution is supposed to be null and void. Am I the only one who believes in our freedoms and reads the Bill of Rights?

Bill Sharp