Letter: Wellspring’s Unique Approach

To the Editor:

While I was thrilled to see the photo of Alice Craft, Bianca Stumpff and my hand in the June 14 Valley News, I think you missed an important story. We were participating in BALE Fest as part of the Wellspring Waldorf School community in Tunbridge in order to raise awareness of Wellspring’s unique and progressive financial pledge system. Of the over 100 Waldorf schools in the United States, Wellspring (right here in Tunbridge) is the only one to offer a Waldorf education to all committed families, regardless of financial circumstances. One of BALE’s core values is: “Creating our own economic tools and strategies under which commerce, exchange and, indeed, community vibrancy would stay local; not be dispersed into the global market system.” Wellspring is a pioneer in this area — our school would not exist if we were not innovative in our financial strategies. I invite you to learn more by contacting me at tracyg@wellspringwaldorfschool.org or visiting our website at www.wellspringwaldorfschool.org.

Tracy Gillespie

South Strafford


A Day for Economic Development

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

South Royalton — It was a day of firsts on the green in South Royalton yesterday. The town’s grant-funded public wifi was unveiled and the third annual BALE Fest got rained on. “The last two years we’ve had beautiful weather,” said Chris Wood, a staff member for the organization BALE — Building a Local Economy — which serves as a …