Letter: Behind the Attack on Ayotte

To the Editor:

Lately there have been a number of letters, opinion pieces, news articles and comments on TV referring to Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s vote on the Toomey-Manchin gun-control bill. I wonder why so many people are writing and commenting on her vote when it is clear the bill would not have prevented any of the recent horrifying mass-murder incidents.

I don’t think it really has to do with her vote as it is clear that there are more than sufficient laws on the books now, which are not being used. Statistics on prosecutions due to background checks are clear on this point. I wonder why we need new gun-control legislation if there are already so many laws on the books that are not used. Maybe because it looks good to be actively passing legislation rather than using the laws we already have? “Never let a crisis go to waste,” to borrow a phrase from the mayor of Chicago? Which, by the way, has rigid gun-control laws and one of the, if not the, highest murder rate in the country.

Maybe the crisis that needs attention here is the one in mental health care. Many of these shooters are suffering from poor mental health and should be under care. A list of legal gun owners, which could well follow from a bill such as Toomey-Manchin proposed, will do these shooters no good.

Certainly one fear of Second Amendment supporters is that these checks can be turned into a registration system. Given the frightening headlines about the State Department, Department of Justice and the IRS lies and cover-ups, who can blame them for worrying?

I think the commentators should admit that they want Ayotte out because she is an effective conservative voice for us in Washington.

J. Cheston M. Newbold