Letter: There But for Fortune

To the Editor:

Such a pity that Willem Lange’s formative years were squandered many moons ago at a rural New England boarding school whose granite ledge foundations are apparently imbued with a miraculous blend of biblical and geological majesty. Had he been born one generation later, he might have honed his prodigious writing talent at a suburban public high school built of pre-fab concrete and would now be enlightening us on the finer points of modern industrial production and the budding alienation of a post-Stakhanovite proletariat. Ultimately more edifying, I think.

Philip Glouchevitch



Willem Lange: My School Class Gathers for the Last Time

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Northfield, Mass. The hulking gray granite school chapel crowns a hill of equally solid granite. Northfield Mount Hermon School looks steeply down on the playing fields and track below, and beyond them, to the Connecticut River. Some of the best moments of my life occurred on those fields. It’s pleasurable to stand there and remember them, but with a certain …