Letter: What Dreams Are These?

To the Editor:

I have a recurring dream in which I find myself in a land where freedom is seen merely as the ability to escape the consequences of irresponsible behavior, and envy (the greed of the lazy and the dimwitted) is not only not frowned upon but actively encouraged. Where defenselessness and pacifism are touted as deterrents to violence and aggression rather than invitations to them, and where concern for the victims of violence is expressed by the creation of an ever more risk-free environment for their predators. Where the rights and privileges of law-abiding citizens are determined by the actions of psychopaths and cretins, and the staunchest supporters of law enforcement are routinely portrayed as enablers of murderers and terrorists. Where nearly $17 trillion in debt and scores of trillions more in unfunded liabilities are not considered cause for concern, and mathematics is viewed less as a means to explore and express the properties of our universe than as an evil plot to undermine entitlement programs and discredit the welfare state. Where all cultures are deemed equally deserving of respect regardless of the consequences for their women, children or minorities, and unlimited government is seen as a likely avenue to greater freedom, greater efficiency, less waste and less corruption.

It’s as though my nightmares were orchestrated by a committee composed of George Orwell, Franz Kafka and Bozo the Clown.

Anthony Stimson