Letter: N.H. Anglers Lose Again

To the Editor:

It seems that the fisherman in New Hampshire will lose again if the lead jig bill becomes law (“N.H. House Votes to Ban Lures That Harm Loons,” May 23). Why is it that the loon population is growing slowly but steadily? It is not declining at all. I’m quite sure it has more to do with available habitat and food sources. Whoever thinks loons aren’t plentiful hasn’t been to any lake in the Upper Valley. The loon population is never going to be the size of the Canada goose; most bodies of water don’t have an adequate food supply for that many loons.

Someday, when the so-called do-gooders make fishing so expensive that no one will participate any more, they will have to pay for the management of fish and wildlife themselves — the way sportsmen now do. Good luck with that!

Joseph R. Krasnecky

North Hartland


N.H. House Votes to Ban Lures That Harm Loons

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Concord — The House voted yesterday to follow the Senate in banning lead fishing jigs and sinkers that weigh an ounce or less. Environmentalists said the ban will help protect loons from lead poisoning. “With apologies to the purple finch, I think a case could be made that the loon is, in fact, de facto state bird in many people’s …

Letter: Help for N.H. Loons

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To the Editor: I would like to respond to Joseph Krasnecky’s May 29 letter, “Fisherman Lose Again.” SB 89, which was just signed into law by the governor, bans the use of lead sinkers and jigs of 1 ounce or less as of 2016. I believe it is an important step toward supporting the loon population, which is recovering. It …

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

To the Editor: In response to Teresa Lynch’s July 8 letter, “Help for N.H. Loons”: In 1975, there were 120 pairs of loons in New Hampshire; in 2012, their were 638 pairs. Seems like they’re doing pretty well despite all this deadly lead in the water. The common loon is not considered federally threatened or endangered. I would suspect most …