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Letter: A Landowner’s Right to Sell

To the Editor:

The interstate went through the family farm, taking with it my parents’ way of making a living the way they wished.

A token payment was made to them. They were told it was a good deal, for the remaining land would be worth much more for development. My family held on to most of the land for 45 years since they were told that. During that time, the land has been open to many for snowmobiling, hiking, hunting and more.

I still live on part of the family farm on three acres. I have 21 acres for sale. My son Douglas is the third-generation owner of what is left of the farm.

During the 64 years I have lived there, I have watched the landowners sell or develop their property. That is their right. Some persons complaining now about the Quechee Highlands development of our property forget that their relatives sold to Quechee Lakes. That was their right.

I believe it is my family’s right to do what they wish with their property. The town and state should be happy to let us retire in our old age with a few development dollars that was said to be there at the time the land was made unusable as a dairy farm when the interstate went in.

Money from taxes and jobs can be a benefit to the town of Hartford and the state as a result of this development. Let’s not lose jobs, taxes and further development to New Hampshire.

I also believe cluster development at Exit 1 will help stop the strip sprawl up and down Route 4, not create it.

Wayne Punt

White River Junction