Letter: Wonderful Look at a Perilous Era

To the Editor:

Much as I enjoyed and admired Larry Coffin’s piece on the Connecticut River log drives (“Log Drives,” May 11), I would point out that the river drive on the Machias River, from Third Machias Lake to Whitneyville, took 39 days, two full weeks more than the 25 days of the Wells River-to-Hartford drive. The greater time had more to do with the relative slenderness and sinuosity of the Machias River than with distance.

For all that — and it’s minor in my eyes — how wonderful to see this recall of the more fabulous and perilous era of the timber industry in our region.

Sydney Lea

Newbury, Vt.


Log Drives: The Annual Spring Event Brought Valley Residents to the Riverbank

Friday, May 10, 2013

They came from the north during the late spring and summer. The sounds they made were of distant thunderstorms growing gradually closer. But they were not storms. They were the annual log drives down the Connecticut River from the great northern woods to mills in southern New England. They provided spectacular shows for area residents who gathered on the riverbanks …