Letter: Before Abortions Were Legal

To the Editor:

A May 3 op-ed headlined “Abortion Industry’s Act of Self-Delusion” compares the pro-choice movement’s failure to recognize the harms of abortion to the emperor’s failure to recognize he had been duped and was wearing no clothes. Have the right-to-life and anti-gay movements failed to recognize that their positions are an unconstitutional attempt to have the government establish their beliefs, since their beliefs are based on their religions?

The writer is clever with words, but they fail to hide her astounding ignorance of history. She says that the horrible abortion clinic behind the trial in Philadelphia exists because of Roe v. Wade. In an upside down way, she is right. Now there can be clinics. Before, there were only dirty back-alley rooms or motels, followed sometimes by visits to the emergency room or funeral home. For those who could afford it, there were trips to other countries.

Living in a democracy, with rights for all, often means having to hold your nose for tolerating what’s legal. It helps civil discussion if you can sometimes hold your tongue, too.

Howard Shaffer



Column: Abortion Industry’s Act of Self-Delusion

Thursday, May 2, 2013

In The Emperor’s New Clothes, a preening monarch is hoodwinked into believing that he’s just bought a magnificent outfit when all he’s been sold is a bill of (dry) goods. Prancing around in what he thinks is cloth of gold, the emperor is complimented by his obsequious subjects. They all would have lived happily ever after had a young boy …