Letter: It’s Our Land, and Our Water

To the Editor:

I just read that the Vermont Senate has stripped a proposed tax on bulk water sales from a bill setting various fees. I am glad. This tax would have set a very dangerous precedent by having the state claim ownership of private water sales.

From there, the state would claim that all water is owned by the state, and we do not have the right as landowners and homeowners to get water from our wells and springs. Next the state would claim that the rain falling on our land is owned by the state, and we would not have the right to collect rainwater.

Both of these have been done in other states. It is important that we do not let the state of Vermont steal away our property without eminent domain proceedings. The state has no right to our water, our soil, our air. As property owners paying the mortgage and taxes, we own our property and that includes the mineral and water rights that we bought when we purchased our land.

Walter Jeffries

West Topsham