Letter: A Hazard on Hanover Sidewalks

To the Editor:

I wish the town of Hanover and Dartmouth College would actively discourage sidewalk cyclists. I’m not talking about small children just learning how to control their bikes, but agile young adults who breeze along, almost striking pedestrians as they zoom up silently from behind, or ride headlong into a crowd, passing within inches. I experience several near-collisions every day, and so must others. While I might only suffer bruises or a run-over foot from a collision, a frailer person could be knocked down and seriously injured.

I love to cycle and welcome the sight of so many on bikes. But, gee whiz, kids, act like grown-ups and use the streets! It’s not as if Wheelock Street is the Cross Bronx Expressway. And to help remind you, maybe the town could follow the lead of Middlebury, Vt., and stencil “no bikes” symbols on sidewalk curb ramps.

Rebecca Bailey

South Strafford