Letter: Defensive Use of Firearms

To the Editor:

Charlie Buttrey’s letter of May 3 (“Firearms Don’t Save Lives”) was only one of many recent examples citing specious statistics derived from wildly unscientific and dishonest studies. Only a very small percentage of the defensive use of firearms results in shots being fired, and the majority of those don’t result in fatalities. Including only fatalities, whether through dishonesty or incompetence, eliminates almost all successful use from the statistics. There is also no recognition of the fact that the mere possibility of an armed response prevents many crimes of violence from ever happening. No rational person claims that he would rather assault an armed victim than an unarmed one. Buttrey may also be interested to know that private citizens are far less likely to shoot the wrong person than are the police; it’s much harder to tell who is the aggressor when you arrive in the middle or at the end of a fight, which is usually the case with the police.

Anthony Stimson



Letter: Firearms Don’t Save Lives

Monday, April 29, 2013

To the Editor: In his letter to the April 28 Forum, “The Gun Vote in Hartford,” Arthur Peale wrote that “no one mentions the hundreds of thousands of lives saved or crimes deterred yearly by the use of guns.” There’s a simple reason for this. It’s simply not true. According to a study published in the New England Journal of …