Letter: Ayotte’s Position on Gun Checks

To the Editor:

With all due respect to our friend Roger McWilliams (“Keep the Pressure on Ayotte,” May 4), we strongly disagree with his comments. The senator’s main focus has been on voting to improve our current background system. She has made her position very clear. The senator has stated that “we have fallen down on prosecuting criminals and violators of our system of background checks.” Further, at her recent town hall meetings, she has presented detailed figures showing that the Justice Department has prosecuted fewer people for violating the existing background check system in recent years. Finally, why are we not hearing much debate or comment from the left regarding not only the enforcement of existing laws but tougher sentencing on crimes committed with guns? That is an area where common ground should be easy to find. Thank you, Sen. Ayotte!

Carole and Bob Webber

Haverhill Corner


Letter: Keep the Pressure on Ayotte

Friday, May 3, 2013

To the Editor: It is very important to keep the pressure on Sen. Kelly Ayotte, but not just with respect to gun control. Gun control, of course, is extremely important but represents just one example of how her allegiance is to the National Rifle Association, Sen. John McCain, House Speaker John Boehner, the Tea Party and her own ambition, but …