Letter: Misinformation About Guns

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the huge amount of misinformation or disinformation submitted by others in the Forum. We do not need more background checks on firearms; we already have them. If you go to a gun show, you have to pass a background check if you buy from a dealer. If you buy a gun online from a dealer, it is shipped to a licensed dealer who runs a check before you get your gun. The only way to get a gun without a background ground check is via a private person-to-person transaction, either in person, at gun shows or online.

We need enforcement of the current law, not some new law that will still not be enforced. Please understand that while the bill in question would have made it a crime to establish a national registry of firearms, that wouldn’t have mattered because the list of background checks conducted at the federal level would have provided a back-door way to achieve that goal.

Please do not take me at my word. Do some research and find out for yourself before you start trying to chip away at our rights.

P.S. Keep up the good work, Sen. Ayotte.

Brian McCafferty

Springfield, N.H.