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Letter: Sweet Smell of Money

To the Editor:

The front-page Valley News article about the beverage industry’s considerable spending in Vermont to scuttle a proposed tax on sweetened drinks (“Sugary Drink Industry Spent Heavily in Vt.”) suggests that the newspaper finds the industry’s spending and lobbying efforts appalling. Yet, the Valley News, shockingly, ran full-page ads paid for by the very same beverage industry. C’mon, guys. In the business of journalism, do you really think you can have someone else pay for your sweetened cake and not suffer from early-onset obesity as you eat away at your cleared conscience?

Dave Celone



Sugary Drink Industry Spent Heavily in Vt.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Montpelier — The state’s latest lobbyist reports show that the American Beverage Association spent the largest amount on lobbying by far — $553,000 on print and radio ads — in a fight earlier this year to scuttle a proposed tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, which was eventually defeated. The reports, which provides a window into how much money lines the edges …