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Letter: Shumlin’s ‘50-State Solution’

To the Editor:

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin’s logic on guns is puzzling (“Shumlin: U.S. Should Mirror Vt. Gun Views,” April 26 Valley News ). In his April 25 press conference in Montpelier, he clung to a 50-state strategy to cure our nation’s “horrific” (his word) gun violence problem, adding that “no state can be an island.”

Actually, Vermont is an island: Ours is the only state lacking a state law prohibiting felons from having firearms. Unlike police in every other state, our law enforcement officers cannot charge armed drug runners with a weapons violation. And that uptick in drug trafficking within our borders is no surprise. Surely, when the governor says the nation should be more like Vermont with guns, he cannot mean giving these bad apples a free pass.

If Shumlin really believes in a 50-state solution, he should champion a measure to fix this, crack down on drug criminals and join the rest of the nation. Otherwise, we will continue to draw felons here like mosquitoes to a swamp.

Bob Williamson

South Woodstock


Shumlin: U.S. Should Mirror Vt. Gun Views

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Montpelier — For months, Gov. Peter Shumlin has been calling for a “50-state solution” to gun violence, saying Congress needs to pass any new legislation to address firearms possession and that Vermont should not try to go it alone. A week after the U.S. Senate defeated legislation calling for expanded background checks for some gun buyers, making clear that the …