Letter: A Time to Pray and Remember

To the Editor:

Like the rest of the community, members of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church have been struggling to understand the terrible events in Boston and Texas.

We say things like “we’re sending thoughts and prayers,” but it’s rare for us to find ways to express those sentiments more concretely. On Monday, two weeks after the tragic bombings in Boston, slightly less than that after the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, St. Barnabas Church in Norwich will open its doors to provide a space and a time for people to pray and remember and send their positive thoughts to the people of Boston and West.

From noon to 7 p.m., the church will be open — for prayer, for remembrance, for reflection. This will be a quiet time for self-directed meditation, not a worship service. Votive candles will be available for people to use, as a symbol of their intention to hold in the light those killed, injured and grieving. There will also be lists for names and towns of all who participate in the day that we will send on to the communities affected by these tragedies.

Please join us.

Beth Hilgartner, Rector

And the vestry

St. Barnabas Church