Letter: Jacky Byrne’s Vision

To the Editor:

We are writing on behalf of Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School in Hanover. We would like to add to the recent chorus of voices in our community expressing their heartfelt gratitude for the generosity and dedication of Jack Byrne.

For the past five years, the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation supported our scholarship fund, which gives low-income families the ability to enroll their children in a high-quality, accredited preschool. As a direct result of the Byrne Foundation’s commitment, children in the Upper Valley who otherwise would not have attended preschool have instead had a deeply enriching early educational experience.

Jack Byrne had a vision of a community where children thrive. That vision is alive in the children who leave our school eager to learn and welcoming to others, and for that we are profoundly grateful. We, along with the families and teachers at our school, extend our appreciation and our condolences to the Byrne family.

Linda Shemanske

School Director

Carole Ann Tullar

Board Chairwoman

Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School