Letter: A Key Contributor to Gun Violence

To the Editor:

The present difficulty pinning down the causes of gun violence and figuring out what preventative measures will be most successful is a crucial debate that may affect our fundamental liberties.

Virtually no mention is made in this debate, however, of what I believe is the most important factor — the entertainment industry’s preoccupation with gun violence. Newly proposed gun legislation will not be the cure unless the underlying causes of the shootings are properly addressed. By curbing the entertainment industry’s preoccupation with shooting, killing and violence, I believe we might be able to better control these terrible occurrences, particularly among impressionable youth. In order to realize the truth of this statement, all one has to do is observe television, movies or video games for even one hour, while putting oneself in the position of a person with a crazed mind. Obviously, an approach involving restricting the entertainment industry, which may believe it has carte blanche to present violence, would take time for rational evaluation and to overcome shrill opposition. But it is the best solution for the Constitution and the country.

I firmly believe that better limiting vicarious violence that leads to actual aggression is the best way of putting our resources to work for the present. As a surgeon, physician and war veteran who realizes that clean, celluloid pictures without real-world consequences can be an incitement to violence among those so inclined, I suggest that this source of agitation be regulated, not legitimate gun ownership.

Stuart Selikowitz