Letter: The George W. Bush Legacy

To the Editor:

∎ The Iraq war cost $4 trillion in direct and indirect costs.

∎ The Bush tax cuts cost $4.1 trillion. This was the first time taxes had been cut during a war.

∎ President Clinton left a $230 billion surplus to George W. Bush.

∎ The Iraq war was sold to the nation with lies. Then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned us not to wait for perfect evidence — a smoking gun — of nuclear weapons. It might be a mushroom cloud.


∎ Iraq had tons of yellow cake but the Israelis had destroyed its only reactor. The raw uranium could not be refined to the fissionable uranium-235.

∎ Iraq is 4,000 miles from our eastern coast.

∎ Iraq had no long-range bombers or intercontinental ballistic missiles.

∎ Our well-known response, our deterrent, to a nuclear attack is massive retaliation.

Conclusion: The Bush administration deceived the nation and launched an expensive and unnecessary war. Having defrayed those costs, we are now seeing Medicare and other benefits put at risk.

Not surprisingly, a survey of historians in 2006 found that 98 percent thought that George W. Bush was our worst president. As the late William F. Buckley said during a television interview, if Bush had been a European prime minister, he would have resigned or lost a vote of confidence.

Jeffrey Hart