Letter: Help Keep Each Other Safe

To the Editor:

The Boston bombings were such a shock to us all. What a catastrophe! We are not the safe and free country that we used to be.

We all must be semi-prepared for any situation that might come next. Let’s hope that we somehow can help put a stop to all this violence. I am so sorry for all those who have been killed or injured in these recent tragedies. We all must be extra-cautious about parcels left unattended, securing firearms to keep them out of the wrong hands and having phones we can use in emergencies for quick actions.

Let’s not argue over gun laws; there are people lurking in the streets, just waiting to attack the weak or rob their homes. We need to have protection because we cannot expect our law enforcement people to be able to come and help quickly. We all must be more aware of strange happenings in our own neighborhoods, in crowded shopping areas or even when relaxing at a vacation spot. Be aware of what is going on around you and report any strange happenings to authorities.

Let’s help each other stay safe no matter where we may be.

I saw so many wonderful people running to help the injured victims, and I thank them all.

Rita Toni Pease