Letter: He’s No Lincoln

To the Editor:

I recently watched Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln . It was informative to find out how opposed the Democratic Party was to the 13th Amendment and how hard President Lincoln and his Republican Party had to fight to get it passed.

Also of note: President Lincoln did not take train rides to New York, Kentucky or any other Democratic stronghold to talk to the people; he stayed put in Washington, D.C., and persuaded, even begged, the members of Congress who were opposed to the 13th Amendment to support it.

This is so unlike President Obama, who uses every excuse to fly on Air Force One because he doesn’t want to lead from the front, only from behind, to “talk” to the people. In one case, he even used a mother from Newtown, Conn., to step in for him.

Even now, after he has finally submitted his budget, Obama is flying around the country instead of going to the Hill to persuade, cajole, even beg for the passage of his budget.

Marcella Logue



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