Letter: Federal Money Isn’t Free

To the Editor:

Right-wing talk radio hosts deride the “low-information voter,” replaying derogatory audio clips that use people speaking with different accents that may imply they also have a different skin color. No one should condone any thinking that aligns knowledge with race. Ignorance can be found in all ethnic groups, and sadly for our democracy, even among supposedly educated people.

A letter to the Valley News, in promoting the expansion of the Medicaid program in New Hampshire (“Expand N.H. Medicaid,” April 15), included the following, “Taxpayers and businesses would also be beneficiaries. The expansion would be funded entirely by federal money.”

One hears this often: There is no cost since the money comes from some grant. Just where do these low-information voters think federal money comes from?

Tim Dreisbach

South Royalton


Letter: In Support of N.H. Medicaid Expansion

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To the Editor: The proposed expansion of New Hampshire’s Medicaid program would provide coverage to individuals earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level and has the support of the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association because it would remove financial barriers to appropriate health care. As Mary Bidgood Wilson, an advanced practice registered nurse, noted in a timely …