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Letter: Delay Only Adds to the Cost

To the Editor:

I know that education is important to all, but what I would like to know is why does the School Board wait so long before proposing to upgrade something?

That only makes the work more expensive and creates more of a burden for taxpayers. For example, when installing sprinkler systems became a requirement for schools, why wasn’t it done for the safety of children?

Also you never hear about schools receiving lottery money. Who gets it? If our school needs so much updating, why can’t we get some of that money to help our school?

I think the School Board should do these things in smaller amounts and not wait so long.

Robert Richardson



Letter: Tracking N.H. Lottery Revenue

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To the Editor: Robert Richardson of Enfield wanted to know where the state lottery money goes in his April 29 letter, “Delay Only Adds to the Cost.” While the lottery boasts it has spent more than $1 billion on education, it has done so over 50 years — an average of $20 million per year. It has grown with inflation, …