Letter: In the Spirit of Tolerance

To the Editor:

James Perry’s argument against same-sex marriage that cites the U.N. Charter on Children’s Rights is flawed. First, the U.S. government has never ratified the treaty, so it has no jurisdiction over the U.S. government. The really flawed part of his argument is that the charter never uses the word “biological” in reference to parents. Perhaps if Perry had actually read the document, he would have seen that. He also would have seen the part about how children are supposed to be raised in the spirit of peace, tolerance and freedom.

What James Perry argues is not in the spirit of peace, tolerance or freedom. His viewpoint represents intolerance, suppression and closed mindedness — which is rather ironic coming from a man who follows the Ten Commandments.

I will let him in on a little secret: Capitol Hill is not a church. He should honor his mother and father by having an open mind.

Chris Herron