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Letter: I Oppose Evil When I See It

To the Editor:

I write this not as a rebuttal to Herbert Knapp’s April 5 letter, “A Mix of Myth and Misinformation,” for it doesn’t warrant any rebuttal. Knapp made clear his own thoughts, which are in fact all misinformed, especially his statement, “I know that our sun is the origin of all life.” Who does he think created the sun?

This letter is in fact a request for some of the pastors and believers to write now and then with support for my letters. In Ezekiel 3:18 and in 33:8, it tells us that if we see evil and do nothing, that’s evil. If we don’t warn the wicked, we will be punished as well. If we warn them and they continue to be wicked, we are covered. This is why I write the letters I do, and if those who know they are doing bad do nothing to correct their lifestyles, I am truly sorry for them. As God teaches me, I love all people. What I deplore is their sin. God loves everyone equally, at least until their last breath. Then your lifestyle will determine where you will be for eternity.

W.B. Fisk Sr.

Post Mills


Letter: Dangerous Myth and Misinformation

Thursday, April 4, 2013

To the Editor: How wonderful that W.B. Fisk Sr. took the trouble in his April 2 letter to inform us as to what is right and where we “sin.” My problem is that he uses that volume of myth and misinformation called the Bible to find certain “truths” and “laws “ that were “given” to us by an unknown entity …