Letter: Big Win in Robotics Competition

To the Editor:

We are thrilled to announce that First Robotics Competition Team 95, The Grasshoppers, won the Connecticut regional competition allied with FRC teams 20, the Rocketeers, and 195, the CyberKnights. Team 95 is composed of high school students from Lebanon, Hanover, Hartford and other schools who are coached by local engineers and technical professionals. The First Robotics Competition presents a new challenge every year in January. The students and coaches have a mere six weeks to build a robot that can complete the challenges.

This year’s challenge was “Ultimate Ascent” and challenged students to build a robot that could throw Frisbees into five different goals and/or climb a 9-foot-tall jungle-gym pyramid. Team 95 chose to focus on building a robot that could climb the pyramid. Out of the 56 teams in Hartford, Conn., from March 28 to 30, the top eight teams at the end of the qualification matches each chose two more teams to join their alliance for the elimination tournament. Team 20 out of Clifton Park, N.Y., the top-seeded team overall, chose Team 95 because it ran great defense and could also climb to the highest point on the pyramid. Team 20 also selected Team 195. The alliance of teams 20, 195 and 95 played through the quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds with a 6-0 record and set the regional’s high score in the final match.

Thanks go to the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center and its industrial mechanics and welding lab for providing shop and classroom space for the team to work in. Thanks to our primary sponsor, the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, for its tremendous support. Thanks also to our other sponsors, who are too many to thank by name, for their continued support of Team 95. Charlie Reibel of the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center deserves a special thank-you for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping the Grasshoppers this year.

Congratulations to all the students and coaches who spent countless hours designing, building, programming and competing! Your victory was hard earned and well deserved.

Mary Kay Brown

Parent, White River Junction

James Cole-Henry

Head coach, Enfield