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Letter: Will Iberdrola Keep Its Promise?

To the Editor:

On Oct. 17, 2012, Ed Cherien from Iberdrola did a presentation at the Grafton Firehouse in which he stated that his company would not force itself on any town that didn’t want a wind turbine project. Again, at a question-and-answer session in Alexandria, N.H., on Dec. 17, he stated that if Iberdrola didn’t have the community’s support, it would not move forward on the project.

As you may know, both towns had warrant articles pertaining to this project on the ballot this March. The overwhelming response has been that we, the residents of these towns, do not want the wind turbines. Bridgewater, a neighboring town to this project that would be economically impacted also voted against wind projects on a warrant article at its Town Meeting. So why hasn’t Iberdrola issued a press release announcing its intent to stop pursuing this industrial wind project known as Wild Meadows Wind?

I’ve written to Cherien twice, on March 18 and again on March 26, asking this very question. As of April 4, he has yet to respond to my emails.

At a meeting in January with the Groton selectmen, Miles Sinclair, speaking for the Groton Selectboard, spoke of what an honest and trustworthy man Ed Cherien is. As he has spent a great deal of time meeting with Cherien, I can only assume Sinclair knows him much better than those of us who’ve only had exposure to him at the above-mentioned presentations. In light of Sinclair vouching for Cherien’s character and there being video recordings of the statements made in Alexandria, you’d think the press release, or at least a written response to my emails, would be a reasonable expectation, wouldn’t you?

It’s time to show us if he’s the honest man he’s claimed to be, or if his true colors tell a different story. Let’s hope he stands by his word and puts an end to this project now!

Cindy Kudlik