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Letter: Dangerous Myth and Misinformation

To the Editor:

How wonderful that W.B. Fisk Sr. took the trouble in his April 2 letter to inform us as to what is right and where we “sin.” My problem is that he uses that volume of myth and misinformation called the Bible to find certain “truths” and “laws “ that were “given” to us by an unknown entity he calls “God” who is a male deity. How does Fisk know? It is nonsense. He states that this deity created man and then women. I point out that the female came first, then the man. The man was needed to maintain genetic variability and diversity.

As to marriage, it was created in many other societies long before the Bible came into being. For myself, I find people such as Fisk to be dangerous to all societies. You see, those professing a profound, rabid belief in a religious system, regardless of its name, are the founders of all those movements that result in the genocidal destruction of whatever sect is called a nonbeliever.

I point to the absence today of the Inca, Aztec and Mayan civilizations. I point to the nine crusades against Islam. How many were destroyed in these “wars”? The deaths in Ireland due to religious differences, the Inquisition ... the list is almost endless. How many have been killed and tortured because of religion? Organized religion, in my opinion, is the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever invented by man.

For myself, I believe as did Tom Paine when he said of the three Western religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, “for myself I believe none of them”.

If I must have a religion, let it be sun worship. Why? Because I know that our sun is the origin of all life on this planet. It is not a myth and is provable.

Herbert A. Knapp



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