Letter: Unpleasant Rite of Spring

To the Editor:

One of the sad things about spring is that when the snow melts, you see all the stuff that people have thrown out of their cars through the winter. I have picked up 10 bags of trash and recycling along my little country road, and if I walk along the road during the day, I see more stuff. I hate the fact that people take a scenic detour down our country road and then toss out their McDonald’s and Burger King trash. I know that people throw beer cans and bottles out the window to prevent having an empty bottle in their car if they get stopped by police. A friend who didn’t want to throw beer cans out kept a zip-locked bag that looked like a woman’s purse in the car and filled it with beer cans and emptied it when arriving at home. Please consider a place to hide beer cans in your car! Also, I think most smokers throw their cigarette butts out the windows of their cars. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable. They will be there forever unless someone like me picks them up. If you care at all about nature, figure out a way to keep your cigarette butts in the car and throw them out at home.

Please, if you care about nature or how the sides of the roads look, figure out how to not toss trash out of your car.

Brenda Phillips