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Letter: The Role of Marriage

To the Editor:

Do children have rights and responsibilities? Yes they do. The 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children states, “All children of the world have a right to be raised by their biological parents in a home of low conflict.” One of the Ten Commandments, a cornerstone of our Judeo-Christian heritage, states a responsibility for all children: “Honor thy Father and Mother.”

A marriage license, according to scholarly research in more than 30 countries, is essentially societies’ confirmation that a particular male and female are approved to give birth to, love and raise children so as to keep the human race in existence. Homosexuals, by themselves, cannot give birth to children and they cannot abide by the right that the U.N. resolution recognizes as belonging to all children.

Based on these rights and responsibilities alone, homosexuals cannot qualify for a marriage license, to say nothing of complying with the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which states that marriage is between one man and one women.

James R. Perry