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Letter: How Do I Link Out?

To the Editor:

Many years ago, I somehow was enrolled in LinkedIn (which listed me as living in Glens Falls, N.Y., a town I had never been in). I did nothing about this “membership,” which made itself manifest in a very faint way once every few years. But recently, many dozens of people, some of whom I had never met or heard of, “replied” to my supposed invitation to “connect” with me via LinkedIn. My in-box is flooded with these emails accepting “my” invitation.

It is repugnant that a business would see fit to appropriate my name without so much as first contacting me and to then send a letter over my signature. I call upon my representatives in Congress to make such invasions a criminal offense. I also would urge anyone reading this letter who has been the victim of similar treatment to request legislation imposing stiff fines for the practice.

Frank Gado

White River Junction