Letter: Complaint a la Mode

To the Editor:

Linda Tobler’s letter (“The Season of My Discontent,” March 25) in which she laments being a loyal Northern Stage patron, subscribing to all the performances in advance, only to be offered discounts on one for which she had already paid full price, had a familiar ring. She concludes her letter with a rhetorical question: “Shouldn’t subscribers be the recipients of perks, not penalties?”

Not really, Ms. Tobler. Just ask this newspaper. Just before Christmas each year, the Valley News offers free pies — to new customers only — leaving faithful longtime subscribers to remain, sadly, pie-less for the holidays.

Richard Thayer



Letter: The Season of My Discontent

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To the Editor: This is the first season that I subscribed to the full series of outstanding performances by Northern Stage. In the fall, when the holiday production of Peter Pan was in progress, I received an email saying that tickets for certain performances were being offered at $15 off their original prices. I couldn’t take advantage of this because …