Letter: Questionable Practice in Dorchester

To the Editor:

In her March 21 letter (“Different Reading of Email”), Elizabeth Trought demonstrated her loyalty to her friends, the Dorchester selectmen. However, when she noted that different people “can read the same email and interpret the words in many different ways,” she totally missed the point of John Franz’ letter to which she was objecting.

Franz had written concerning the inappropriate use of two town-regulated and town-sponsored email address lists that Selectboard member Artie Burdette had used, seemingly to further the cause of Sherman Hallock, an incumbent selectman running for re-election. In a telephone conversation with Franz, the deputy secretary of state said he thought this was a questionable practice, especially because the emails were sent out only four days before the election, thus voiding any possibility of a rebuttal by anyone prior to the election. It would have been appropriate, as Franz suggested in his letter, to mention the possibility of a mitigation grant being awarded and to give recognition to those who had worked on it at the end of the Town Meeting on March 16, rather than to do so via emails meant only for emergency and informational use. In other words, the email address list is not meant to be used for self-promotion or the promotion of others — especially prior to an election!

Pat Franz

Grace Fraser

Linda and Michael Landry

Trevor and April Gove



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