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Letter: The Season of My Discontent

To the Editor:

This is the first season that I subscribed to the full series of outstanding performances by Northern Stage. In the fall, when the holiday production of Peter Pan was in progress, I received an email saying that tickets for certain performances were being offered at $15 off their original prices. I couldn’t take advantage of this because I had already paid the full price in advance.

Then Northern Stage notified its subscribers that the spring production, A View From the Bridge, had been canceled and replaced with Nunsence. Nunsence is entertaining but not a substitute for those of us who were looking forward to A View From the Bridge.

More recently, an email to all ILEAD members greeted me with an offer of free tickets to attend a performance of Race, compliments of Northern Stage. That’s an offer I would never refuse had I not already purchased tickets for the full price as part of my series.

All of the above is certainly generous, but shouldn’t subscribers be the recipients of perks, not penalties?

Linda Tober



Letter: Complaint a la Mode

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To the Editor: Linda Tobler’s letter (“The Season of My Discontent,” March 25) in which she laments being a loyal Northern Stage patron, subscribing to all the performances in advance, only to be offered discounts on one for which she had already paid full price, had a familiar ring. She concludes her letter with a rhetorical question: “Shouldn’t subscribers be …