Letter: I Expected More From Dartmouth

To the Editor:

I was shocked recently to receive an email from Harry Sheehy, the new director of Dartmouth Athletics and Recreation, announcing the resignation of Chris Wielgus. I was shocked because based on what I know about Wielgus, she is no quitter.

I know about her fighting spirit because I had the honor to play for her between 1979 and 1983. I was a walk-on freshman who had not been recruited, but she gave me a chance to try out for the team and become part of Dartmouth history. At the time, I was a scared black kid who had never been away from home for more than a week. But that fear quickly dissipated with the support of, and lessons I learned from, Wielgus and my teammates. And over the next four years, we brought home four of Dartmouth’s 12 Ivy League titles. The first year we got it done based on sheer guts and determination after several of us went down with season-ending injuries. We got it done because of a simple lesson Wielgus taught us everyday in that gym — with hard work, determination and dedication, all things imaginable are possible.

This simple lesson got me through Dartmouth and all of life’s journeys. Therefore, I am truly saddened by the thought that under this current winning-is-everything athletic administration, walk-ons like me probably don’t have a snowball’s chance to make the team now. And while my brain tells me that the school had the right to change coaches and move in a different direction, my gut tells me this is a really awful way to treat a person who gave so much for 28 years to Dartmouth, the fans and the legions of student-athletes like me who had the privilege to play for her.

I expected more from my shining college on the hill than a bush-league, ham-fisted forced resignation like this. Clearly, the people who orchestrated this have no understanding of the culture Chris Wielgus created that led to those Ivy League titles.

Kim Selmore, Class of ’83

Hallandale Beach, Fla.