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Letter: Slow Down, N.H. Legislators

To the Editor:

I was horrified to read in the March 14 Valley News that the New Hampshire House voted to increase the speed limit on a stretch of Interstate 93 to 70 mph. Those lawmakers are surely aware that the consumption of gasoline increases with the speed of the vehicle. They are surely aware that gasoline is derived from petroleum, a prime fossil fuel. They should be aware that consumption of fossil fuels is a major culprit in global warming, with its associated climate change.

Climate change has been unassailably linked to catastrophic weather events around the world. The change of speed limit to 70 mph suggests that our lawmakers see us as being concerned only with our own immediate wants (such as reaching a destination faster). They view us as indifferent to the destructive weather events that our children and grandchildren, as well as myriad other creatures with whom we share the planet, will increasingly face. Are we truly so self-centered? Are we truly content to lag behind European nations such as Germany, which are advanced far beyond us in their drives toward conservation of energy?

Finally, are our lawmakers unaware that increases in road speed are linked to increases in vehicular accidents? Surely they don’t favor that as a method of population control!

Audrey McCollum



N.H. House Raises Speed Limit to 70 on I-93

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Concord — The first increase in the speed limit on New Hampshire highways since the 1970s easily cleared the House of Representatives yesterday. The 292-65 vote raises the limit to 70 miles per hour from 65 currently, and it affects about an 80-mile stretch of Interstate 93 north of Concord to the Vermont border. Rep. Michael O’Brien, D-Nashua, said this …