Letter: Moving Forward in Mascoma

To the Editor:

The charge that Mascoma Valley Regional School District voters don’t see the value of education was soundly refuted last month when all of the school budget items were passed, along with new wood-burning boiler systems for all four schools that promise to result in energy savings.

It is time to put this false accusation behind us and quit using it as an all-purpose explanation for why voters reject proposals to make unneeded additions to the high school. Let’s move forward together with a renovation plan for the high school that addresses the tomato-can drip catchers, duct-taped windows and other truly needed items, but let’s do it while also accounting for declining annual enrollment.

At the projected rate of future enrollment reductions, the teachers with push carts should be happy to have employment even with the carts.

Year after year we hear that we will not satisfy state safety requirements and that we just cannot live with leaky pipes, etc. We could have addressed these problems had the School Board not continued to fold these needed upgrades and maintenance items into their grand building plans.

It is time for action and less politicking. It is time for the School Board to present a plan that will address the needs of our schoolchildren’s safety and comfort so work can finally begin on fixing the problems in the existing building.

Christine MacDonald