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Letter: Yes, Please Leave Us Alone

To the Editor:

Grafton has never had, and never will have “big government.” I mean, look at the place. We do not need to worry about this.

The Free Staters want to leave us alone? Mike Lorrey (“Those Big-Government Bullies,” March 14) would have been more accurate in saying: Free Staters want to take over the local government in order to be in control of others, not pay any money for services they use, prevent felons from going to prison and generally look for attention to satisfy some inherent deficiency. Talk about special interest!

Perhaps I was wrong about how many Graftonites are aware of the Free State Project, because the townsfolk all came out and voted overwhelmingly against the Free Staters and all their nonsense.

Angus Gorman



Letter: Those Big-Government Bullies

Saturday, March 9, 2013

To the Editor: Angus Gorman wrote in his March 7 letter, “Very few Graftonites are aware of the existence of the Free State Project or its potential to be a threat.” I sorta doubt that most Grafton residents don’t know who and what the Free State Project is. They all know John Babiarz, a well-regarded local fireman who has run …