Letter: Basic Facts About Keystone

To the Editor:

Once American voters hear both the pro and con arguments about the Keystone XL pipeline, they support President Obama’s decision to deny the permit for the pipeline by 47 percent to 36 percent. Obama must turn down Keystone XL because voters are especially worried about the risks to water quality and supplies from tar sands pipeline spills and the creation of new Superfund sites and health costs that all Americans will subsidize through taxes. Keystone XL supporters must understand that much of the tar sands oil (all of it?) will be exported and consumed overseas while we will live with the environmental problems.

Americans deserve to know these critical and basic facts about Keystone XL oil and development:

∎  The playing field is not level. Shortcuts and subsidies are the only reason that the high-carbon, highly polluting form of oil produced by Keystone XL appears competitive with clean energy.

∎  Tar sands development and fuels are high-carbon and high-risk that undermine clean air and clean water.

∎  Pipelines, refinery expansions and other oil infrastructure have a cost in health and human services that are not paid for by the oil companies, but by American taxpayers.

Let’s rein in big oil, switch subsidies over to clean energy and not underwrite the contamination of our air and land.

Joan Hoffman

South Royalton