Letter: The Stuff of Great Journalism

To the Editor:

The breadth, depth and fluidity of Alex Hanson’s masterful retrospective on the life of the late Ellison Lieberman (“A Life,” March 11) was simply extraordinary. Although I never knew Ellison or Frank Lieberman, the extended glimpse into her role as a pioneer and linchpin of Vermont’s cultural life constituted a portrait so well rendered that I was drawn into the time and the scene.

Kudos to the Valley News for allowing your reporters the time to explore the lives of such fascinating individuals and dedicating sufficient space to publish these pieces each Monday. This is the stuff of great regional journalism!

John Chapin

Post Mills


A Life: Ellison C. Lieberman, 1919 — 2012; ‘She Sold More for Me Than Anybody Else Ever Did’

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Woodstock — After World War II, Vermont experienced a small first wave of settlement by the creative class; writers, artists, designers, filmmakers and musicians fled Boston and New York . Ellison and Frank Lieberman were among them, coming to Woodstock from New York in 1949, not long after they were married. Ellison had suffered a bout of tuberculosis and was …