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Letter: Our Vision for Route 4 in Enfield

To the Editor:

At the 2012 Enfield Town Meeting, residents approved an investment in water and sewer infrastructure improvements along Route 4 from Baltic Street to the Canaan town line. The purpose is to spur new business investment and development in this part of Enfield.

The Enfield Planning Board and TIF District Committee have been working cooperatively over the past two years to determine residents’ vision for this area. In July 2011, the town sponsored a design charrette to develop this vision and invited all residents to participate. More than 200 people participated in the three-day process. e_SNbS

This is what Enfield residents said they envisioned along U.S. Route 4:

∎  Developing an attractive area for residents, businesses and visitors.

∎ Ensuring that the area is “open for business” by allowing more uses and higher densities.

∎ Ensuring that Route 4 continues to function effectively as a transportation corridor.

∎ Protecting the town’s water-supply wells.

∎ Reducing parking requirements for development.

∎ Encouraging bicyclist and pedestrian use of the area.

The Planning Board has been working to help the town achieve this vision by proposing changes to land-use regulations. At this year’s Town Meeting, residents will be asked to vote on a proposed Route 4 Zoning District. It would:

∎ Reduce minimum lot sizes and increase allowed residential density.

∎ Allow research and development and light industry uses.

∎ Establish a maximum building footprint and a limit on impervious surface lot coverage.

∎ Revise minimum setback requirements and establish a maximum setback for properties adjacent to Route 4.

∎ Establish building form and facade standards.

∎ Establish minimum landscaping requirements.

∎ Require adjoining developments to be connected to each other for both vehicular and pedestrian access.

The Planning Board has endorsed the proposed district by a 7-0 vote. The board encourages any resident who is not yet familiar with the proposal to review its full text at the Enfield town offices, on file with the Enfield town clerk, or online at www.enfield.nh.us prior to voting Tuesday.

Tim Taylor, Chairman

Dan Kiley, Vice Chairman

For the Enfield Planning Board