Letter: Remain Steadfast Against Gambling

To the Editor:

Our governor has sold out; I hope that our local representatives will remain strong. Having grown up in New Jersey, I am old enough to have known how wonderful Atlantic City was before the casinos bought their way in to that beautiful “jewel” of the Atlantic seaboard. Recently I saw a poll that listed that same town as one of the 10-worst places to live.

I am seriously discouraged that our Legislature may be coaxed by the lure of easy money into allowing gambling into New Hampshire. I have been in the state for 25 years, and I chose this state because of its historic beauty and rustic integrity. The gambling lobbyists are strong, out-of-state money-makers. They have pushed for years to gain a foothold here and, thanks to some very dedicated grassroots efforts, have fallen short of their prize. Now, however, they are on the verge of succeeding.

They have no regard for the social repercussions of gambling or the people whose lives are destroyed. I have been worried about how government officials can be swayed by powerful special interests and had hoped that New Hampshire might remain strong against such temptation. Gambling is a social corruption that should be avoided; once it gains a foothold, I believe, it will further erode this, our historic jewel of New England.

Thomas Schell